Program Outline

  • 1

    Remote Athletic Performance Evaluation

    • Welcome and Overview of the Athletic Performance Evaluation Process

  • 2

    Remote Athletic Performance Evaluation - 7 Movement Evaluations

    • Anterior Reach

    • Single Leg Squat

    • Wood Chop

    • Anterior Lunge

    • Push-Up

    • Tight Rotation

    • Rotation with Pivot

  • 3

    Remote Athletic Performance Evaluation - 7 Performance Skills Evaluations

    • Vertical Jump

    • Vertical Hop

    • Horizontal Jump

    • Horizontal Hop

    • 5 Yard Movement Skills

    • 5 Yard Shuttle

    • Optional 10 Yard Sprint

  • 4

    Athletic Performance Evaluation Next Steps

    • The Next Steps

Your Coach

CEO / Sports Performance Coach

Jeff Fellure

- Over 23 years of experience helping athletes reach their sports performance goals, MS: Rehabilitation Science / BS – Nutrition, Fitness and Health / Dietetics, Gray Institute: Certified Applied Functional Science - 3D Movement Analysis and Performance System, NSCA: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSPA: Certified Speed and Agility Coach, IYCA: Youth Fitness Specialist - Speed and Agility Specialist - Youth Nutrition Specialist, NASM: Performance Enhancement Specialist, Training For Warriors: Level 1 & 2 Certified - Coaching for Greatness 1 & 2, MWOD: Movement & Mobility Certified, IHPU: Instructor - Exercise Specialist -Personal Trainer, The Biomechanics Method: Corrective Exercise Specialist and ACE: Pain Free Movement Specialist.

The Remote Athletic Performance Evaluation

What's Included.....

  • A Remote Video Athletic Performance Evaluation Program That Includes 7 Movement Evaluations and 7 Performance Skills Evaluations

  • Professional Evaluations By Me Through My Private CoachNow App

  • One-On-One Zoom Call to Review Your Evaluation and Discuss Areas

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New Remote Athletic Performance Evaluation

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